Dr Atif Ahmad

  • Room: Level: 10 Room: 10.10
  • Building: Doug McDonell Building
  • Campus: Parkville

Research interests

  • Information Security Management

Personal webpage



Dr Atif Ahmad CPP is interested in how organisations practice Information Security Management. Over the last fifteen years Dr Ahmad has developed innovative security practices in strategy, risk, culture, governance, training and policy. He is particularly interested in how organisations can protect their competitively sensitive knowledge from leakage and how they can effectively learn from past security incidents.

Recent publications

  1. Horne CA, Maynard S, Ahmad A. Organisational Information Security Strategy: Review, Discussion and Future Research. Australasian Journal of Information Systems. University of Canberra, School of Information Sciences and Engineering. 2017, Vol. 21.
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  4. Naseer H, Maynard S, Ahmad A. Business analytics in information security risk management: The contingent effect on security performance. 24th European Conference on Information Systems, ECIS 2016. 2016.
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  8. Agudelo CA, Bosua R, Ahmad A, Maynard S. Mitigating Knowledge Leakage Risk in Organizations through Mobile Devices: A Contextual Approach. 27th Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS). University of Wollongong. 2016.
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