Professor Justin Zobel

  • Room: Level: 08 Room: CIS office
  • Building: Doug McDonell Building
  • Campus: Parkville

Research interests

  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Bioinformatics and health informatics
  • Research methods
  • Search engines and information retrieval

Personal webpage


Professor Justin Zobel is Head of the Department of Computing & Information Systems. He received his PhD from the University of Melbourne and for many years was based in the School of CS&IT at RMIT University, where he led the Search Engine group. In 2007-8 he was a Principle Senior Researcher in NICTA, leading the Computing in Health area, and in 2010 and again in 2015 was interim Director of the Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative.

Prof Zobel is an associate editor of the International Journal of Information Retrieval and of and Information Processing & Management, and in 2008-9 was President of the CORE association of Australasian Departments & Schools of Computer Science. In the research community, he is best known for his role in the development of algorithms for efficient text retrieval. He is the author of "Writing for Computer Science", third edition, and co-author of "How to Write a Better Thesis", third edition and "How to Write a Better Minor Thesis". His interests include search, bioinformatics, fundamental data structures, and research methods.

Recent publications

  1. Bouadjenek M, Verspoor C, Zobel J. Automated detection of records in biological sequence databases that are inconsistent with the literature. JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL INFORMATICS. Academic Press. 2017, Vol. 71.
  2. Chen Q, Zobel J, Verspoor C. Benchmarks for measurement of duplicate detection methods in nucleotide databases.. Database (Oxford). Oxford University Press. 2017.
  3. Graham Y, Baldwin T, Moffat A, Zobel J. Can machine translation systems be evaluated by the crowd alone. NATURAL LANGUAGE ENGINEERING. Cambridge University Press. 2017, Vol. 23, Issue 1.
  4. Chen Q, Zobel J, Verspoor C. Duplicates, redundancies and inconsistencies in the primary nucleotide databases: a descriptive study. DATABASE-THE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL DATABASES AND CURATION. Oxford University Press. 2017.
  5. Bouadjenek M, Verspoor C, Zobel J. Literature consistency of bioinformatics sequence databases is effective for assessing record quality. DATABASE-THE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL DATABASES AND CURATION. Oxford University Press. 2017, Vol. 2017, Issue 1.
  6. Choi M, Zobel J, Verspoor C. A categorical analysis of coreference resolution errors in biomedical texts. JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL INFORMATICS. Academic Press. 2016, Vol. 60.
  7. Choi M, Liu H, Baumgartner W, Zobel J, Verspoor C. Coreference resolution improves extraction of Biological Expression Language statements from texts. DATABASE-THE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL DATABASES AND CURATION. Oxford University Press. 2016, Vol. 2016.
  8. Chen Q, Wan Y, Lei Y, Zobel J, Verspoor C. Evaluation of CD-HIT for constructing non-redundant databases. 2016 IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BIOINFORMATICS AND BIOMEDICINE (BIBM). IEEE Computer Society. 2016. Editors: Tian T, Jiang Q, Liu Y, Burrage K, Song J, Wang Y, Hu X, Morishita S, Zhu Q, Wang G.
  9. McDonell R, Zobel J, Billerbeck B. How informative is a term? Dispersion as a measure of term specificity. SIGIR 2016 - Proceedings of the 39th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval. 2016.
  10. Goeuriot L, Jones GJF, Kelly L, Mueller H, Zobel J. Medical information retrieval: introduction to the special issue. INFORMATION RETRIEVAL. Kluwer Academic Publishers. 2016, Vol. 19, Issue 1-2.
  11. Chen Q, Zobel J, Zhang X, Verspoor C. Supervised Learning for Detection of Duplicates in Genomic Sequence Databases. PLOS ONE. Public Library of Science. 2016, Vol. 11, Issue 8.
  12. Wick RR, Schultz M, Zobel J, Holt K. Bandage: Interactive visualization of de novo genome assemblies. Bioinformatics. Oxford University Press. 2015, Vol. 31, Issue 20.
  13. Chen Q, Zobel J, Verspoor C. Evaluation of a machine learning duplicate detection method for bioinformatics databases. DTMBIO 2015 - Proceedings of the ACM 9th International Workshop on Data and Text Mining in Biomedical Informatics, co-located with CIKM 2015. 2015.
  14. Goudey B, Abedini M, Hopper J, Inouye M, Makalic E, Schmidt D, Wagner J, Zhou Z, Zobel J, Reumann M. High performance computing enabling exhaustive analysis of higher order single nucleotide polymorphism interaction in Genome Wide Association Studies.. Health Inf Sci Syst. 2015, Vol. 3, Issue Suppl 1 HISA Big Data in Biomedicine and Healthcare 2013 Con.
  15. Abraham G, Tye Din J, Bhalala O, Kowalczyk A, Zobel J, Inouye M. Accurate and Robust Genomic Prediction of Celiac Disease Using Statistical Learning. PLoS Genetics. Public Library of Science. 2014, Vol. 10, Issue 2.

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