2015 Doctoral Colloquium program and proceedings

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Dr Anna Phan

Dr Anna Phan
Research Manager, Physical and Data Analytics, IBM Research — Australia

Keynote speaker: Dr Anna Phan

Presentation title

System U to Watson Personality Insights: The Transformation of A Research Project into a Commercial Offering


The measure of any successful researcher is the impact of their work. This impact can be measured scientifically through the number of citations of their published journal and conference papers, or, just as importantly in IBM Research, measured by the revenue it generates after being transformed into a commercial offering.

This presentation will introduce IBM Research - Australia and describe the transformation of a research project, called System U, into a commercial offering, called Watson Personality Insights.


Dr Anna Phan began her studies with a double degree in software engineering and science at The University of Melbourne, pursuing her competing interests in programming and science. Science won initially, and Anna continued studying particle physics and was involved in the ATLAS experiment at CERN that discovered the Higgs Boson. However, her interest in information technology triumphed and she is now a manager at IBM Research — Australia, leading the physical modelling and data analytics team.

Organising Committee

Farzad Khodadadi

Farah Zaib Khan

Mohadeseh Ganji

Nick Downing

Yali Zhao

Yang Lei

Carlos Andres Agudelo-Serna

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