Industry partnerships

Cyber security challenges are diverse. We work with industry partners large and small to address specific and general needs.

Major grants

Our research team comes from across the University, including computer science, engineering, law, mathematics, business and the humanities, to address the tough challenges of cyber security. This gives our industry partners the breadth of experience you need to achieve significant benefits. For many of these initiatives funding grants can be sought, from early stage investigation to significant multi-year centres of expertise.

Student projects

We attract outstanding students with a passion for problem-solving, and place them in projects across industry. This is an opportunity for you to work with smart, solutions-focussed future specialists who can engage with you while helping solve challenges. The University of Melbourne Masters and PhD graduates specialising in cyber security can also provide you with the long-term abilities you need.


In addition to research and education, we have a range of options for executive training in cyber security, with a particular focus on addressing your broad cyber security challenges, beyond providing simple technical skills.