The Digital Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab), based in the Melbourne School of Design, is a digital workshop focused on aiding the model making of student work. It houses four laser cutters, a metal laser cutter, a CNC machine and a 3D powder printer, all operated by trained technicians, as well as various other equipment and fitted work stations.

The FabLab also provides a range of training and education through the online Training Centre and Knowledge Base to help users learn about the lab’s facilities and how to use them. Instructions for each machine in the lab is available online to allow students get started quickly on their projects. There is also a three-tier safety induction system that is easily tailored to the varying safety risks in each area. This means students can get access quickly while still ensuring a safe environment for everyone.

Entrance to the Digital Fabrication Laboratory

Fabrication jobs can be submitted to all machines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via an online submission system. The job will then be processed by experienced staff who will notify researchers and students when their job is ready to collect. The FabLab is open every weekday from 10am until 4:30pm for job collection.

Students working on a project

Contact the Lab Manager

To arrange access or use of these facilities, contact:

Lab Manager
Allen Mari Pilares
+61 3 9035 8760