Tilman Dingler releases new book, Technology-Augmented Perception and Cognition

23 June 2021

Cover of Technology-Augmented Perception and Cognition

We are pleased to announce that HCI researcher Dr Tilman Dingler has released a book, published in the Springer Human-Computer Interaction series, Technology-Augmented Perception and Cognition. Tilman is one of two book editors, accompanied by A/Prof Evangelos Niforatos from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. The 26 other distinguished authors for this compendium are researchers from a range of international institutions and include: Prof Frank Vetere, Prof Shanton Chang and PhD student Kayla J. Hefferman from the HCI Group at the University of Melbourne.

Technology-Augmented Perception and Cognition explores state-of-the-art innovations, and future applications, of technologies which assist and augment human perception and cognition. Where prior research has focused on the way human beings interact with their physical environment, this collaborative research effort explores the way more recent technological advancements are effecting and enhancing the perceptual and cognitive qualities of their users.

Chapters in this volume are dedicated to current research efforts, results and visions from the fields of computer science, neuroscience and psychology. The book is separated into two main sections covering ‘Cognitive Enhancements and Learning’ and ‘Sensory Enhancements’ with a concluding reflection on the implications of privacy and our innate versus technology-dependent cognitive abilities.

Topics covered, in the book, include current research and findings on:

  1. Working memory enhancements;
  2. Digitisation of memories through lifelog archives;
  3. The consequences of technology-induced disruptions and forgetting;
  4. The creation and utilisation of new human senses; and,

Technology-Augmented Perception and Cognition is available for purchase via Springer.