Tilman Dingler and research team presented with Adobe grant

25 August 2020

Photo: TXTR lecteur ebook low cost by ActuaLitté is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

We congratulate Tilman Dingler, currently leading a University of Melbourne-based research team, on receiving a grant from Adobe to pursue his project: ‘Reading on Ubiquitous Devices’. Tilman and his colleagues are collaborating with a team from the Document Intelligence Lab at Adobe Research to investigate the future of reading, and they were honoured to receive a $10,000USD contribution from the company to support this project.

The project aims to support and further investigate the future of reading, focusing on the challenges, best practices and future directions for ubiquitous technologies used to support increasingly digitised reading activities. Tilman leads the project as Principal Investigator, supported by Namrata Srivastava, a PhD Candidate currently interning at Adobe, and Xiuge Chen, a Masters student and Research Assistant, both from the School of Computing and Information Systems.

The research project will firstly investigate new methods for quantifying types of reading, as well as general reading-based activities, in the context of mobile devices. Then, informed by this initial investigation, the team will create reading interfaces that support the process of deep reading activities, or guide readers across multiple sessions. The systems created will be developed primarily for mobile devices, using eye-tracking data and other sensors that can provide insights into reading-based user patterns, and general state of mind while engaging in reading.

Overall, it is hoped that the development of new UI design principles for improving the reading experience in emerging technologies will inform the creation of new systems for mobile reading activities that aim to improve readability, prioritise information gain over attention capture, and instill better reading habits in their users.

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