AsiaTOPA 2020: An ‘Art Hack’ experience with MetaObjects

17 March 2020

3 people on stage in front of an audience

MetaObjects visited our lab between 27–28 February 2020, to deliver a 2-day ‘Art Hack’ motion-capture masterclass as part of Melbourne’s AsiaTOPA festival. Postgraduate students from the School of Computing and Information Systems (CIS), as well as the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (MCM), were invited to participate in order to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and learning between arts students and computer science students. MetaObjects are an art collective based across Hong Kong and London,created by Andrew Crowe and Ashley Lee Wong, who delivered the ‘Art Hack’ program. The workshop focused on the diverse applications of motion-capture technologies for use in digital and performance art spaces.

On Day One, participants were introduced to body movement capture, and its various applications, through the OptiTrack motion-tracking system in the HCI Lab. Attendees were also introduced to 3D animation software Blendr, and game development platform Unity. These software were used for data processing of students’ captures of a dancer performing live in-studio using the OptiTrack technology. On Day Two participants worked in small groups to develop a motion-capture project. At the end of the day participants shared their work and their learnings.

For further information, find MetaObjects on Facebook and Twitter.