Our researchers to present at AsiaTOPA Digital Environments Forum

18 February 2020

3D computer drawing of a figure in a gap reaching their hand from the dark into the light.

The AsiaTOPA festival is currently being held across multiple venues in Melbourne’s inner city, between January–March 2020. The program features events that celebrate cross-cultural collaborations between a range of practitioners from the Australian and Asian cultural industries. This year, Human-Computer Interaction researchers will co-present with guests from the Sinofuturists program, which focuses on emerging digital and social movements which impact contemporary art practice in China. The program is curated by Mat Spisbah, with the support of the School of Computing and Information Systems

A fantasy-style landscape with floating islands and mountains in a cloudy sky, streaked with a rainbow

The Digital Environments Forum, which takes place on Thursday 27 February, will be moderated by Senior Lecturer and creative technologist Dr Eduardo Velloso, from the Human-Computer Interaction. The panel will focus on the role of digital environments and novel interaction techniques in the visual arts and contemporary cultural spaces. Joining Eduardo in discussion will be game engine developer Ashley Lee Wong from digital studio MetaObjects, narrative designer Alexander Swords, as well as Human-Computer Interaction researcher Madeleine Antonellos, who studies cosplay and digital careers in the HCI and media studies contexts.

Attendance at the Digital Environments Forum is free and open to the general public. Register your interest.

For further information visit: AsiaTOPA official event page.