Martin Gibbs co-authors new book, ‘Digital Domesticity: Media, Materiality and Home Life’

16 July 2020

Cover of Digital Domesticity

We are pleased to announce the release of Digital Domesticity: Media, Materiality, and Home Life, co-authored by HCI researcher, Assoc Prof Martin Gibbs, alongside Assoc Prof Michael Arnold and Dr Bjorn Nansen from the University of Melbourne, and Dr Jenny Kennedy and Dr Rowan Wilken from RMIT.

Digital Domesticity explores the intersections between digital media and domestic life. With insights from almost two decades of dedicated research, the authors examine the shift of digital technologies from their historically rare position in the household, to their ubiquitous and pervasive presence in the domestic environments of today.

The book offers a longitudinal account of this transition, tracing the movement from domestic spaces with shared landline telephones and television units, to modern ‘smart homes’ using entire digital ecosystems of connected technologies. The authors present a series of original case studies, providing rich insights into domestic media consumption: from its adoption, to its use, and eventual disposal.

Through the combination of their studies conducted over 17 years, the authors provide a novel and nuanced perspective on the changing ICTs in Australian homes. In this panoramic yet detailed account, we see the reconfiguring of domestic space, re-evaluations of technology over time, strategies to re-domesticate ICTS, and the ongoing parent-child re-negotiations of children’s use of digital devices. This is a thought-provoking book with which the reader can engage.

Prof Leslie Haddon, London School of Economics

Digital Domesticity is available to purchase, in hard-copy format, through the Oxford University Press website, as well as other major booksellers.

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