Success at DiGRA 2020 conference

18 February 2020

The annual, international conference for the Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA), will return to Tampere in Finland, for the first time since the inception of the conference in 2002. From 2–6 June 2020, DiGRA will bring together academics and professionals who research or work with digital games and associated games studies disciplines under the theme of “Play Everywhere”, with discussions focused on exploring the societal and cultural impacts of play and games in society.

DiGRA 2020 official logo

The following researchers from the Human-Computer Interaction have been successful in submitting a range of papers and panels to DiGRA 2020:

Presentations and panels

Aaron Trammell, Janne Paavilainen, Katriina Heljakka, Melissa J. Rogerson, Tom Apperley, Ville Kankainen

Panel: Hybrid Tabletop Games

Brian McKitrick

“Let’s Play” Communities: Ethnographic Observations of the Something Awful LP Community

David Cumming

Analysing user modified controllers for design limitations in competitive play

David Cumming

The game of watching: gamification and monetisation of esports spectatorship

Lucy A. Sparrow, Madeleine Antonellos, Martin Gibbs, & Michael Arnold

From ‘Silly’ to ‘Scumbag’: Reddit discussion of a case of groping in a virtual reality game

Melissa J. Rogerson, Fraser Allison and Martin Gibbs

Voice Interactions in Tabletop Games

Jane Mavoa, Bjorn Nansen and Martin Gibbs

“Sometimes I like killing as a treat”: Children’s Transgressive Play in Minecraft

Hybrid boardgames researcher and lecturer Melissa Rogerson will also be leading a workshop at the conference alongside Ville Kankainen and Janne Paavilainen from Tampere University, titled ‘Post-digital Hybrid Play in Tabletop Gaming’.