Henrietta Lyons awarded prestigious scholarship opportunity

28 January 2020

Photo: Drew Graham / Unsplash

IDL PhD student, Henrietta Lyons, is among the first to be awarded the new Melbourne School of Engineering Ingenium Scholarship for 2020. Henrietta joined IDL in August 2019. In just four months, Henrietta has made an impactful start to her PhD research,including presenting a workshop paper at the prestigious CSCW conference in November 2019, and  having her potential recognised with this generous 3 year scholarship.
The Ingenium Scholarship is awarded to local Graduate Research students on the basis of academic excellence, strength of research proposal, and ambassadorial potential. Henrietta’s research aims to develop human-centred explanations for decisions made, or supported, by artificial intelligence (AI). Her focus is on how to provide decision subjects with information that enables them to contest a decision that has been made, or supported, by AI. Due to the increasing calls for a more human-centred approach to be taken in developing explainable artificial intelligence (XAI), this is an important and nascent research topic, with a huge opportunity for impacting Australian society.
Henrietta has five years of work experience across the public, private and non-profit sectors. Her most recent roles have been in legislation, regulation, and policy. She is skilled in policy development, drafting regulations, legal interpretation, and drafting complex documents including submissions to commissions, ministerial briefs, legal documents, and discussion papers.

We congratulate Henrietta on this outstanding achievement.
For more information on the Ingenium Scholarship Program, visit the website.