State of the Art in Data Tracking Technology


How is technology being used to track and watch Australian consumers? Are there risks of harm to consumers from this tracking? Assoc Prof Shanton Chang and Dr Suelette Dreyfus, in the School of Computing and Information Systems, lead a multi-disciplinary team researching these questions. A new research report, written by Dr Dana Mckay, is the first public release of the larger research project.

‘State of the Art in Consumer Data Tracking and its Impact on Consumers in Australia’ explains different ways consumers lose their privacy in the evolving tracking process, and the potential harm to consumers from it. This includes for example web browsing, facial scanning in public-private places, and audio-listening by devices in our homes.

This report catalogues for the first time exactly where the technology is at in terms of how a consumer might be tracked and what the harm might be, across different settings in Australia Dr Dreyfus said. That could be while you’re in a shopping mall, at a petrol station, browsing the web or talking to your home music system.

The research team for the report includes: Dr Dana McKay, Yung Ju Chua, Associate Professor Shanton Chang, Dr Suelette Dreyfus, Professor Monica Whitty, Professor Jeannie Marie Paterson, Pan Zhan, Garreth Hanley and Dr Andrew Clausen, with expert input from DQube Solutions. The report has been produced with the support of the Consumer Policy Research Centre.

Download: State of the Art in Data Tracking Technology [PDF 2.68 mb]