Dr Justin Bedo

  • Room: Level: 02 Room: 201.4
  • Building: Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Campus: Parkville

Research interests

  • Personalised medicine


Dr Justin Bedo is an Honorary Fellow in the Department of Computing and Information Systems at The University of Melbourne and a researcher in the Victorian Research Laboratory, National ICT Australia (NICTA) at the University. His interests lie in using machine learning to discover knowledge and further research in biology (more specifically in the areas of human health and agriculture).

Recent publications

  1. Lyu, L.; Nandakumar, K.; Rubinstein, B.; Jin, J.; Bedo, J.; Palaniswami, M. PPFA: Privacy Preserving Fog-Enabled Aggregation in Smart Grid. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics. IEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC. 2018, Vol. 14, Issue 8, pp. 3733-3744. DOI: 10.1109/TII.2018.2803782
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