Dr Heidi Tscherning

  • Room: Level: 10 Room: 10.13
  • Building: Doug McDonell Building
  • Campus: Parkville

Research interests

  • Competitive Advantage based on Business Analytics
  • Knowledge Leakage Mitigation
  • Ubiquitous Technologies in Consumer Contexts


Dr Heidi Tscherning is an Associate Lecturer in Information Systems in the School of Computing and Information Systems, in the Melbourne School of Engineering, where she is involved in the development of the school's first online degree, the Master of Information Systems Executive. Heidi has international teaching and research experience from the Copenhagen Business School, where she completed her PhD in 2011, ESADE Business School, NYU Tandon School of Engineering and Deakin University before joining The University of Melbourne. Prior to pursuing her PhD, she spent eight years working as an IT project manager and IT management consultant with IBM, Systematic and Novo Nordisk. Her research interests span distinct, yet related, areas of research within the Information Systems discipline. She is fascinated by ubiquitous technologies and how they create value in society. The advancement of such technologies and the inherent dynamic of human social networks, in e.g. organisations, can explain how actors influence each other to create personal or business value. Questions related to consumer and user sentiments, as well as business competitiveness have surfaced; from a consumer perspective, users of ubiquitous technologies face a trade-off between preserving their privacy or personalising their technology and leaving perpetual digital traces. From a business perspective, technologies and people alike pose a significant risk in the leakage of organisational competitive knowledge. Her teaching interests also lie within the Information Systems discipline, where the intersection between people and technology and the challenges associated with managing IT in organisations are at the core.

Recent publications

  1. Shedden, P.; Ahmad, A.; Smith, M.; Tscherning, H.; Scheepers, R. Asset Identification in Information Security Risk Assessment: A Business Practice Approach. Communications of the Association for Information Systems. Association for Information Systems. 2016, Vol. 39, Issue 1, pp. 297-320.
  2. Ahmad, A.; Tscherning, H.; Bosua, R.; Scheepers, R. Guarding Against the Erosion of Competitive Advantage: A Knowledge Leakage Mitigation Model. 2015 International Conference on Information Systems: Exploring the Information Frontier, ICIS 2015. AISeL. 2015.