Research interests

  • Artificial Intelligence (machine learning, data mining)
  • Behaviour Analytics (temporal modelling for dynamic behaviour, behaviour pattern analytics, user segmentation)
  • Educational Data Mining (learning anlytics)

Personal webpage


Ling is a Lecturer at the School of Computing and Information Systems, University of Melbourne. Before joining UoM, Ling was an associate lecturer at UTS, and a postdoctoral research fellow at Analytics, Data61 (formerly NICTA), CSIRO. Ling completed PhD in the area of data mining and machine learning at the University of Sydney, 2017, under the supervision of Dr Irena Koprinska from the School of Computer Science, University of Sydney and Dr Bin Li from Data61 (now at Fudan University). Ling has been awarded the Springer Theses Award in 2019 and Google PhD Fellowship in Machine Learning in 2017. Ling received Bachelor of Engineering (Software) with Honours Class I in 2012 from the University of Sydney.

Recent publications

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