Artificial intelligence research is a particular strength in the School of Computing and Information Systems. Our researchers address many different approaches to AI, encompassing deep learning, data mining, machine learning, natural language processing, and agent-based systems. Our theories and techniques can be applied to a wide range of practical problems, including cyber-security, health, finance and government.

Melbourne is also host to the IBM and ARC Training Centre for Cognitive Computing for Medical Technologies, which is furthering our research and translating into solving critical needs in the domains of medicine and health.

AI Assurance

Our research explores ethical, regulatory and legal issues relating to Artificial Intelligence. We validate AI technologies with respect to quality, safety, privacy, and reliability.

AI Assurance Lab

AI and Autonomy

Intelligent systems can act (semi-)autonomously, working alongside human experts to analyse and help solve complex challenges. Designing good agents needs to balance the ability of agents to work effectively with other agents and human experts to have the maximum real-world impact.

AI and Autonomy Lab

Data Mining and Machine Learning

We develop novel algorithms that analyse data more accurately and more rapidly. We combine complementary research into both data mining and machine learning approaches, and are very active in the recently emerged field of deep learning.

Health Data Analytics

Health data – including observational data collected in clinical care, administrative reporting data, and personal sensor-derived data – is voluminous, diverse, and complex, creating tremendous opportunities to gain insight into disease, its progression, and best personalised treatments. Data mining and machine learning algorithms that are designed specifically for the health context are key to supporting clinical decision making, building predictive models, and planning care.

Health Informatics and Digital Health

Natural Language Processing

Using machine intelligence to leverage human language is a fundamental technique for utilising AI, which can be used in medicine, government and to assist search engines. Our natural language processing team work on a variety of methods to make computers better able to find and use textual documents and supplement human abilities.

Natural Language Processing

The group is based in the School of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne, Australia.