Improving Vitamin D Status and Related Health in Young Women

Vitamin D deficiency:

  • is looming as a major public health issue.
  • is associated with risk of many chronic health conditions affecting millions of Australians, leading to considerable suffering, economic loss and premature death.
  • is an important health risk for young women: up to 50% of Australian women are below optimal vitamin D levels; however, many evidence gaps exist in this area.

In Part A, we will use state-of-the-art methods to measure circulating 25 hydroxyvitamin D (25 OHD; i.e., D2 plus D3 metabolites) and its association with important clinical health indices, including musculoskeletal health; mood/mental health; and allergic disease, in young women.

In Part B, we will conduct the first clinical trial to assess the effectiveness and safety of a lifestyle intervention to improve vitamin D status and related health outcomes in young women.

  • Innovative mobile- and web-technologies (most piloted and operational) will be harnessed, to improve engagement, retention and data quality, and ease participant burden.
  • This project builds on our recent highly-successful Young Female Health Initiative (YFHI) pilot study and numerous other successful studies with young women.

Research Team

  • John Wark (Royal Melbourne Hospital)
  • Steve Howard
  • Nicola Reavley (School of Population Health)
  • Marie Pirotta (General Practice and Primary Health Care Academic Centre)
  • George Varigos (Royal Melbourne Hospital)

Project Information

Funding Source NHMRC Grant APP1049065
Project Timeframe 2013-2015

Contact Details

Frank Vetere