Programming competency test

Students wishing to undertake either Database Systems (INFO20003) or Foundations of Algorithms (COMP10002) without having completed the prerequisite subjects must achieve at least 75% in the programming competency test.

The programming competency test is held at start of semester. If there is sufficient demand the test will be held during Orientation week and a second test sitting will be held during the first week of semester.

You cannot take the test if:

  • You have previously taken the programming proficiency test.
  • You have enrolled in COMP10001 Foundations of Computing in a previous semester.

We recommend that students:

  • Register for the programming competency test.
  • Enrol in COMP10001*.
  • Sit the programming competency test.
  • Go along to lectures of both COMP10001 and COMP10002 in Week 1 (although you will probably have the result of the test before then).
  • If you pass the test then you can enrol in COMP10002 and drop COMP10001.

Register for the test

The test will consist of a number of programming tasks of varying complexity. It will be run in pen-and-paper mode (you will not have access to a computer), and will be 90 minutes in duration.

You may answer using any programming language and you must provide the language name on the answer paper. In terms of content, it is loosely based on the level a COMP10001 student would reach, but poses general programming questions.

In order to pass the test and gain direct entry into either subject, you will need to attain a score of at least 75%. You will be informed by email of your score within a few business days after sitting the test. Assuming you pass, you will be able to present the email at Stop 1 to complete your enrolment in COMP10002.

* Note: You cannot concurrently enrol in COMP100001 and COMP100002 for the same semester: if you need COMP10001 in order to take COMP10002 then you need to pass it before taking COMP10002.