Casual tutor, demonstrator, marker and project team supervisor opportunities

Semester 1, 2024


The School of Computing and Information Systems has opportunities for casual tutors, demonstrators, markers and project team supervisors.

Available subjects

Subject code Subject Title and Handbook entry Semester
COMP10001 Foundations of Computing Semester 1
COMP10002 Foundations of Algorithms Semester 1
COMP10003Media ComputationSemester 1
COMP20005 Intro. to Numerical Computation in C Semester 1
COMP20007Design of AlgorithmsSemester 1
COMP20008 Elements of Data Processing Semester 1
COMP30013 Advanced Studies in Computing  Semester 1
COMP30020 Declarative Programming Semester 1
COMP30023Computer Systems Semester 1
COMP30024Artificial IntelligenceSemester 1
COMP30027Machine Learning Semester 1
COMP90005 Advanced Studies in Computing  Semester 1
COMP90007 Internet Technologies Semester 1
COMP90015 Distributed Systems Semester 1
COMP90020Distributed Algorithms Semester 1
COMP90024Cluster and Cloud Computing Semester 1
COMP90038 Algorithms and Complexity Semester 1
COMP90041 Programming and Software Development Semester 1
COMP90042Natural Language Processing Semester 1
COMP90044 Research Methods Semester 1
COMP90048Declarative ProgrammingSemester I
COMP90049 Introduction to Machine Learning  Semester 1
COMP90050Advanced Database SystemsSemester I
COMP90051 Statistical Machine Learning Semester 1
COMP90054 AI Planning for Autonomy Semester 1
COMP90055Computing ProjectSemester I
COMP90059 Introduction to Programming Semester 1
COMP90077Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures Semester 1
COMP90082 Software Project (MIT) Semester 1
COMP90087The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence Semester 1
COMP90090Text Analytics for HealthSemester I
INFO20003 Database Systems Semester 1
INFO20005User Interface Development Semester 1
INFO30005Advanced Interface Prototyping Semester 1
INFO30009Game Design Semester 1
INFO90002 Database Systems & Information Modelling Semester 1
INFO90003Designing Novel InteractionsSemester I
INFO90004Evaluating the User Experience Semester 1
INFO90010Technology Innovation Project Semester 1
ISYS90026 Concepts in Information Systems Semester 1
ISYS90032Emerging Technologies and Issues Semester 1
ISYS90036Enterprise Systems Semester 1
ISYS90039Digital Innovation & TechnopreneurshipSemester I
ISYS90043Enterprise Applications & ArchitecturesSemester I
ISYS90045 Professional IS Consulting Semester 1
ISYS90049 Digital Business Analysis Semester 1
ISYS90050 IT Project and Change Management Semester 1
ISYS90051Digital Impacts on Business and Society Semester 1
ISYS90069Digital Transformation of Health Semester 1
ISYS90076IT Infrastructure for Digital Health Semester 1
ISYS90081Business Process Management Semester 1
ISYS90119IS Capstone ProjectSemester 1
ISYS90120Cybersecurity Practice in Organisations Semester 1
MULT90063Introduction to Quantum ComputingSemester I
SWEN20003 Object Oriented Software Development Semester 1
SWEN30006 Software Modelling and Design Semester 1
SWEN90004Modelling Complex Software Systems Semester 1
SWEN90009Software Requirements Analysis Semester 1
SWEN90010High Integrity Systems Engineering Year Long
SWEN90016 Software Processes and Management Semester 1



Included Activity is included in tutorial pay rate

Not applicable Not applicable to this role

Additional Activity performed only at the direct request of Supervisor, attracting additional payment

Key responsibilityDetailTutor Head tutorDemonstrator
Content Knowledge Develop a comprehensive understanding of the content Included Included Included
Tutorial Preparation Prepare tutorial material Included Included Not applicable
Tutorial Preparation Assist Coordinator with the development of teaching materials (eg, tutorial/lab exercises and sample solutions) Additional Additional Not applicable
Tutorial Delivery Deliver one initial and at least one repeat tutorial for the subject for each week that tutorials are delivered in semester Included Included Not applicable
Tutorial Admin Handle requests for project extensions and record extensions granted only with the approval of the Subject Coordinator Not applicable Additional Not applicable
Demonstrating Supporting students in practical lab and workshop-style sessions; answering technical questions and supporting the students in problem-solving Not applicable Not applicable Included
Student Consultation (Self-directed) Self-directed consultation with students (face to face and online) related to tutorial content, including monitoring the LMS discussion board and responding to tutorial/content-related queries (this should happen at the time of, or in the same week as, the tutorial) Included Included Not applicable
Student Consultation(Coordinator Request) Student Consultation directed by the Subject Coordinator could include monitoring the LMS at specific times, student meetings (face to face or online). Additional Additional Not applicable
Tutorial Related Marking If the work was completed during the tutorial hour, then the marking of that work should be included in the associated working time for that tutorial. Included Included Not applicable
Assignment and Exam Marking Marking of any work that wasn’t completed during the tutorial hour must be paid as additional standard marking. Additional Additional Not applicable
Assessment Work with the Subject Coordinator on assignments (testing, proofreading, etc) and assist them in developing project marking guidelines Not applicable Additional Not applicable
Assessment Assist subject coordinator to set up the infrastructure to support marking and tutorials; eg: writing code to help mark an assignment Not applicable Additional Not applicable
Assessment Print and distribute student submissions to casual staff for marking, collect marked projects from casual staff and collate marks Not applicable Additional Not applicable
Teamwork Regular communication with Subject Coordinator and Head Tutor Included Included Included
Management Support Subject Coordinator in the recruitment of casual tutors through CTRS Not applicable Additional Not applicable
Management Communicate regularly with the Subject Coordinator, arrange regular meetings with tutor staff Not applicable Additional Not applicable
Exam Invigilation Invigilation for the mid-semester test (if applicable) Additional Additional Additional
Lecture Attendance Attendance required only at the explicit request of the Subject Coordinator. Additional Additional Additional
Meeting Attendance Any request to attend scheduled meetings Additional Additional Additional
Training and Development TrainME: Mandatory Compliance Training Additional Additional Additional
Training and Development Professional Development Day Additional Additional Additional


Applicants must be able to demonstrate appropriate academic background: typically we would expect an undergraduate degree with studies in the appropriate fields, plus suitable postgraduate qualifications or current admission in a postgraduate course in those fields. Applicants must demonstrate good organisation, communication and presentation skills. Professional experience in the field is also encouraged.

Your subject preference may be used by the assessors when making their selection. Contact the subject coordinator to discuss your preference to teach in the subjects you are applying for, if you are concerned that the preference may disadvantage you.

If you would like to find out more about the specific skills required to teach in a subject or the subject content, consult the subject entry in the University Handbook or contact the subject coordinator directly.

Salary information

Information relating to the University’s salary policy.

Before you apply

The 2024 Handbook is now live and available to be viewed.

Check tutorial/class times via the Handbook for the specific subject you are intending to apply for, to see if they match your availability.

All Undergraduate and Postgraduate subjects for the School of Computing and Information Systems offered in Semester 1, 2024.

Applicants for casual positions should double check the mode of delivery for their intended subjects prior to applying, to ensure they are able to work within the allocated environment.

Important information

All casual staff members:

  • Must be currently located in Australia.
  • Are required to have a valid Working With Children Check in place (or are in the process of obtaining one) prior to accepting their contract.

Submitting an application

If you are interested in working within the School of Computing and Information Systems as a tutor or demonstrator, please create a user account in CTRS (Casual Tutor Recruitment System), the University’s application portal for casual staff, and lodge an application during the application period.

If you have taught at the School before, please update your details in the system and put in an application for the subjects you intend to apply for this coming semester. Applicants must apply for each teaching period in which they wish to tutor.

  1. You can search the Handbook to find out more about specific subjects and find subject coordinator details.
  2. If you have used the system before, you can log directly into the applications system.

Apply now

Required information and documentation

  1. An updated Curriculum Vitae
  2. Academic results if you have not previously taught at the School
  3. Subject specific questions: There may be a number of selection questions which will have to be answered by the applicant. Not all subjects have subject specific questions.


Monday 15 January 2024Applications open at 9.00am AEDT
Thursday 25 January 2024Applications close at 11.59pm AEDT
From Friday 26 January 2024Subject Coordinators begin assessment of applications
Monday 5 February 2024Applicants will be emailed a status update for all subjects they have applied for (5.00pm AEDT)
From Tuesday 6 February 2024Subject Coordinators begin allocating tutors to tutorials
Thursday 15 February 2024Application outcomes announced (5.00pm AEDT)

Outcomes for each subject will be sent via email. Based on enrolment numbers, waitlisted candidates may receive further notifications of a successful application up until Week 3 of semester.
From Friday 16 February 2024Contracts will start to be issued 

The majority of contracts will be issued by Wednesday 21 February, with the remainder issued by Monday 11 March 2024 at the latest.
Welcome Pack made available for successful applicants via CTRS.
Friday 23 February 2024
9:30am - 4:30pm (TBC)
FEIT Tutor and Demonstrator Induction
This is for first-time tutors working in FEIT. If you have not attended an induction session before, this is compulsory. If you have attended a prior session, please do not register again.
Monday 26 February 2024Semester 1, 2024 teaching commences