CIS-ME 2023 Seed Funding round

The School of Computing and Information Systems (CIS) and the Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) are calling for applications for the 2023 Research Collaboration Seed Funding scheme.

This seed funding initiative aims to encourage research collaborations across the multiple disciplines in CIS and ME, connecting researchers from the two divisions on projects that will lead to future externally-funded research applications.

The initiative will support cross-School/Department research projects up to $40,000.

Goals of the Seed Funding Initiative
  • To nurture new collaborations, leading to long-term research connections between CIS & ME.
  • To build new research capacity, particularly with a view to garnering external research funding.
  • To advance innovative research ideas, bringing together the expertise of CIS & ME researchers.

We are calling for proposals that meet the above goals, show significant potential for future funding submissions, and have potential for broad impact.

Assessment criteria


  • The project must include a Chief Investigator from both CIS and ME. The aim is to foster collaboration between School and Department.
  • The project must be new.
  • The project must identify and target a significant external funding opportunity (e.g., ARC Linkage or DP, industry contract, etc.).

Additional considerations that will be used by the selection panel in ranking and selecting submissions include:

  • Why seed funding is essential to the success of this project.
  • The plan for this project to lead into a submission of a larger funding bid.
  • The novelty of the project and collaboration, in relation to the people, disciplines and School/Department involved.
  • The inclusion of ECRs.


Maximum funding amount is $40,000.

Application Process

Supporting Documents

Key Dates

Monday 4 September 2023

Seed Funding round opens

Monday 18 September 2023

Networking Event

Looking for a collaborator? This networking event will bring researchers from CIS and ME together to exchange research interests and areas of expertise with the aim of surfacing new collaborations for this seed funding opportunity.

Register by Friday 15 September 2023.

Complete the networking slide template and send to Nicole Barbee ( by 10am on Monday 18 September.

Monday 9 October 2023

Applications close

Friday 20 October 2023

Outcomes will be announced by this date.

January 2024

Projects are expected to commence by this date.

Questions? Please reach out to one of the following:

Jenny Waycott, CIS, Deputy Head, Research,

Ying Tan, ME, Deputy Head, Research,

Nicole Barbee, CIS Research Coordinator, FEIT Research Services,