Graduate Reseachers

Artificial Intelligence Graduate Researchers

Given Family nameProfile Thesis Title
Sadaf Afrashteh Profile Conceptualising ethical big data use
Elaheh Alipour Profile Scalable Contrast Pattern Mining for Network Traffic Analysis
Abeer Alshehri Profile Explanation of goal recognition systems
Hanan Alsouly Profile Dynamic many-objective optimisation using evolutionary algorithms
Sobia Amjad Profile TBC
Jiayang Ao Profile Explainable computer vision algorithms
Vincent Barbosa Vaz Profile Predict+optimise through time
Lyndon Benke Profile TBC
Uri Berger Profile Interactive multimodal language acquisition
Shraey Bhatia Profile TBC
Nestor Cabello Wilson Profile TBC
Daniel Cabrera Lozoya Profile Augmenting clinical mental health practice with machine learning models and digital phenotyping insights
Nathaniel Carpenter Profile TBC
Yanchuan Chang Profile Spatial indices with non-trivial performance guarantees
Arjun Chaudhary Profile Medical data mining
Jiyu Chen Profile Automatic biological data curation based on language understanding and network analysis
Sayantan Dasgupta Profile TBC
Aparna Elangovan Profile TBC
Biaoyan Fang Profile Anaphora resolution in biochemical text
Fatma Faruq Profile Verified multi-agent planning under uncertainty
Yilin Geng Profile Cross-lingual Representations in Interpretable Language Models
Gourab Ghosh Roy Profile Interplay of network architecture and dynamics for understanding emergence in complex systems
Ali Ugur Guler Profile TBC
Xudong Han Profile Gender bias detection and debiasing in models of human language
Tom Harris Profile Multiscale modelling of infectious disease systems
Haitian He Profile Video anomaly detection in crowded scenes at multi-timescale
Jiabo He Profile Reinforcement Learning for Surgical Procedures
Daniel Herring Profile Dynamic Multi-Objective Optimization Using Evolutionary Algorithms
Markus Hiller Profile Constraining learning methods through geometry and causal reasoning
Guang Hu Profile Explainable agency using epistemic planning
Zhuoqun (Calvin) Huang Profile Adaptive data analysis for principled data reuse
Xinting Huang Profile Low resource dialogue system learning by knowledge sharing
Hanxun Huang Profile Robust machine learning
Sukai Huang Profile Texted based reinforcement learning agent
FanJiangProfileRetriever-augmented Approaches for Natural Language Processing
Weiwei Jiang Profile Developing interactive systems using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Yujing Jiang Profile Adversarial machine learning with medical application
Oliver Kim Profile TBC
Fajri Koto Profile Neural Language Model for Abstractive Text Summarisation
Kemal Kurniawan Profile TBC
Robert Langtry Profile Machine learning for automated generation of validated infra-red signature models.
Thao Le Profile Explaining the Confidence in AI-Assisted Decision Making
ChaoLeiProfileAutomated Monitoring of Green Infrastructure in Melbourne
Craig Lewis Profile TBC
Haonan Li Profile Geospatial Information with Natural Language Processing
Haopeng Li Profile Multimodal Video Understanding Based on Deep Learning
Miao Li Profile Neural Multi-document Modeling and Abstractive Summarization
Zheng Wei Lim Profile Cross-lingual Psycholinguistics with NLP methods
Chunhua Liu Profile Word Association Understanding
Guanli Liu Profile Learned spatial indices
Jinghui Liu Profile Analysis of electronic health records for clinical decision support
Shijie Liu Profile Enhancing adversarial defence via robust statistics and certified robustness
Yuansan Liu Profile Robust AI for guidance of a cochlear implant procedure
Mansoureh Maadi Profile Robust data mining
Isura Manchanayaka Profile Identifying Coordination and Influential People in Social Media and Their Intentions
Nitika Mathur Profile TBC
Kevin McDonald Profile Enhancing reinforcement learning algorithms for team-based systems
Christopher McMaster Profile Machine learning models for predicting and mitigating adverse drug reactions
Mahtab Mirmomeni Profile Improved data analytic techniques for activity recognition using time-series data from wearable sensors
Hadi Mohaghegh Dolatabadi Profile Normalising flows: new methods and new applications
Bruna Moreira da Silva Profile Deconvoluting epilepsy patient data using machine learning
Winton Nathan-Roberts Profile Semi-Supervised Learning with Privileged Information for Medical Applications
Bastian Oetomo Profile Self-Driving Database with Bandit Learning Algorithms
Yulia Otmakhova Profile Multi-document summarization supporting clinical evidence review
Stefan O'Toole Profile TBC
ZhihaoPeiProfileReinforcement Learning for robust decision-making under deep uncertainty
Tien DungPhamProfileA Robust Datamining Approach to Cell Culture Media Optimisation
Jirat Pasuksmit Profile Intelligent assistance for agile software development process
Malinga Perera Profile Use of Reinforcement Learning in Self-tuning Database Physical Design Structures under Dynamic and Unexplored Workloads
Yiyuan Pu Profile Literature-based discovery for Alzheimer's disease
Viktoria Schram Profile Calibration of Performance Prediction in Low-Resource Settings
Rinu Ann Sebastian Profile Explainable computer vision to improve human-machine interaction
Prabodi Senevirathna Profile Quantifying and mitigating machine-learning induced overdiagnosis in sepsis
Rahul Sharma Profile Decentralised anomaly detection in multi-access edge computing
Xinling Shen Profile Dynamic Indoor Evacuation Planning in an Emergency
Amila Silva Profile Dynamic representation learning framework for heterogeneous networks
Anubhav Singh Profile TBC
Steven Spratley Profile Abstraction and Generalisation in Vision Systems
Xinyu Su Profile Traffic prediction using graph neural networks
Yixin Su Profile Explainable Recommendation Systems
Nefel Tellioglu Profile Modeling the evolutionary and epidemiology dynamics of group A streptococcus
Hung Thinh Truong Profile Evidence extraction from the clinical trials literature
Archana Vadakattu Profile Dynamic learning in cognitive agent architectures
Gisela Vallejo Profile A Fair Plan Towards Mitigating Bias and Misinformation
Takashi Wada Profile Multilinguality and acceptability in language
Chen Wang Profile Inverse Reinforcement Learning Approach for intent inference in adversarial environments
Chenyang Wang Profile Extending matrix profile with soft comparison operators and weighting functions for time series anomaly detection
Dalin Wang Profile Image captioning with conditional-GAN
Jun Wang Profile Adversarial machine learning for machine translation
Yuxia Wang Profile Clinical text mining and analysis
Helani Wickramaarachchi Profile An efficient, autonomous reward shaping algorithm with evolutionary game theory: applied to the field of multi-agent systems
Dehiwala Wijesinghe Profile TBC
Zhuohan Xie Profile Hierarchically structured neural narrative generation
Rui Xing Profile TBC
Aotao (John) Xu Profile A computational analysis of conceptual combination through time
Diana Yang Profile Robust data mining
Jinrui Yang Profile Fairness and Bias in Natural Language Processing
Shiquan Yang Profile TBC
Meng Abigail Yuan Profile Modalities and measurement of systems for information discovery
Zenan Zhai Profile Biochemical text mining for advancing chemical and pharmaceutical knowledge
Chenyuan Zhang Profile Computational cognitive model of plan recognition
Ruihan Zhang Profile Explainable Machine Learning
Anqi Zhu Profile Action recognition with explanation
Rongxin Zhu Profile Automatic summarization for multi-party conversation
Farzaneh Zirak Profile Using Eye-Tracking Technology to Improve Visual Data Exploratory Tools Performance
Tianyi Zhang Profile Digital phenotyping (personal sensing) for mental health and well-being