Graduate Researchers

Computer Science Graduate Researchers

Given Family nameProfile Thesis Title
Siddharth Agarwal Profile Serverless computing optimization: reducing cold starts
Abdullah Aldwyish Profile Location-based social networks
Saeed Nasehi Basharzad Profile A high performance and near real-time integrated driving navigation and traffic controlling system
Philip Cervenjak Profile Approximation algorithms for submodular optimisation
Ming Chen Profile A heterogeneous stream processing system based on online learning and blockchain in IoT
Louis Cheung Profile Formally Verified Data Compression Algorithms
Luxin Fang Profile Estimation of distribution power network topology from smart meter measurements
Shuzhi Gong Profile Social Media Fake News Detection Through Graph Based Deep Learning
Mohammad Goudarzi Profile Energy and Time Aware Scheduling of Applications in Edge and Fog Computing Environments
Udesh Gunarathna Profile Efficient Spatial Data Management for Enabling True Ride-Sharing
Zifeng (Peaker) Guo Profile Efficient structures for recency and string-searching queries in data streams
William Holland Profile TBC
Yulun Huang Profile Resource Management and Application Scheduling in Big Data Cloud
Zuo Huang Profile Real-time hot-spot detection for the environmental sciences through deep learning, sensor networks and data fusion
Vincent Jackson Profile Mechanised High-Level Verification for Concurrent Low-level Programs
Amanda Jayanetti Profile Understanding User Attention in Mobile Augmented Reality
Jiankai Jin Profile Analysing utility and tradeoffs of multi-party machine learning
Anirudh Joshi Profile TBC
Vinay Kabadi Profile TBC
Shima Khanehzar Profile A data driven model of agenda setting in Australian politics
Rabindra Lamsal Profile Social media analytics: a real-time machine learning approach
Alex Jacey Ligthart-Smith Profile Preserving data privacy with semi-trusted adversaries
Dongge Liu Profile Software vulnerability analysis with machine learning
Han Liu Profile Enhancing Scientific Document Categorization with Taxonomy Information
Anupama Ruwanthika Mampage Profile Context-aware dynamic resource management in fog/edge computing environments
Sadegh Motallebi Profile Traffic Optimization in the Era of Connected Autonomous Vehicles
Rajeev Muralidhar Profile Energy aware systems: abstractions, API and architectural framework for cross layer energy efficiency
Tharindu Lakmal Muthugama Profile Spatiotemporal data and future transportation systems
Mak Nazecic-Andrlon Profile TBC
Thanh-Dat Nguyen Profile Machine learning for program synthesis
Thanh Hoa Nguyen Profile Serverless Quantum Cloud Computing
Samodha Kanchani Pallewatta Profile Mobility-aware application modeling in edge and fog computing environments
Lianglu Pan Profile Automated vulnerability and flaw detection in network communications
Yao (Alwyn) Pan Profile Cloud-based container orchestration optimisation to improve scalability in hybrid cloud
Kalyani Penyala Profile Machine learning-based Management of Data Centre Resources for Green Cloud Computing
Mustafa Rezazada Profile Modeling and prediction of household activity scheduling decisions
LarissaSalernoProfileSoftware installation in third-party software ecosystems
Tharindu Bandara Saryakara Hewage Profile Learning-centric Resource Management in Energy-efficient Cloud Computing
Kwangsuk Song Profile TBC
Kanwal Aslam Syed Profile Hash based post quantum cryptography on FPGA
Chenhao Tong Profile Multi-agent Distributed Autonomous System Optimisation using Reinforcement Learning
Faxing Wang Profile TBC
Lingfei Wang Profile High performance event detection and tracking in social media
Peiyong Wang Profile Quantum Computing
Zhe Wang Profile Privacy-oriented Deployment of Health Application in Distributed Clouds
Zhiyu Wang Profile A New Approach for Efficient Deployment of Applications in Edge Cloud
Hao Wu Profile Privacy Preserving Data Analysis
Ziren Xiao Profile Runtime optimisation of distributed systems using reinforcement learning
Pengbo Yan Profile Scalable, Principled Vulnerability Detection via Insecurity Logics
Renlord Yang Profile TBC
Zihan Yang Profile Deep learning in applications with limited data and computation resources
Xin Zhang Profile Convex Optimisation in Determining the Performance of Algorithms
Zhuo Zhang Profile Efficient algorithms for solving problems on massive data
Jie Zhao Profile Autonomous workload management in federated cloud computing environments
Zhuowei Zhao Profile Learning-based algorithms with non-trivial theoretical guarantees for solving problems on massive data