Graduate programs

A wide range of CIS courses are offered at the master's level. Many of these are purely coursework-based, and some involve significant research components. Entry requirements vary between degrees, with some not requiring completion of an undergraduate major in IT.

Graduate coursework programs

The school of CIS offers 12 coursework programs at the master's level. These range from 2 years part-time to 3 years full-time in duration, and are each targeted towards students with different levels of experience in computing and IT. Many master's programs, such as Data Science and Spatial Systems, are logical continuations of our undergraduate programs, and others require no background in IT.

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Graduate research programs

Graduate research is offered at both a master's and PhD level through the Master of Philosophy (Engineering and IT) and the Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering and IT). Additional information, including projects currently recruiting students, can be found at the link below.

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