CSIRAC emulator

The programs EM2 and EM3, available at the download link below, are designed to emulate the CSIRAC instruction set in a Windows 98 environment.

Program EM2 represents the binary contents of registers and memory with 0s and 1s, while program EM3 attempts to mimic the appearance of the cathode ray displays and neon light displays as they appeared to a CSIRAC operator.

Both programs emulate the CSIRAC instruction set in the same way and differ only in the screen representation. No attempt is made to mimic the speed of CSIRAC.

Also provided are various sample programs, including “Interprogram” — an “English language compiler” written by Geoff Hill in 1960 — complete with Interprogram program files, a square-root program and routines used for testing for correct machine operation.

Documentation includes the CSIRAC Programming Manual and the Interprogram Programming Manual (Word 6 format).

The programs were developed using the Windows 98SE operating system with an 800 x 600 screen resolution and small fonts. The EM2 and EM3 programs use the Courier New font with Western and Greek scripts; the EM3 program uses also the Lucida Console font with Greek script.

Download the complete ZIP file (503k).

Inspect the various files in the directory.

The emulator was written by John W. Spencer jspencer@melbpc.org.au. John was a frequent (nocturnal) user of CSIRAC for the production of Solar Position and Radiation tables for the CSIRO Division of Building Research.

Jurij Semkiw and CSIRAC