Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field of artificial intelligence that focuses on enabling computers to understand, interpret, and generate human language. We develop algorithms and computational models to analyze and process large volumes of natural language data in order to extract meaning and insights from text, speech, and other forms of human communication.

About Us

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is increasingly being integrated into our everyday lives. They are in our smartphones (e.g. Siri), facial recognition system in Melbourne Airport, automatic captions on YouTube, and translations on Facebook, just to name a few examples. But how can we make AI truly understand human language? This is an important question, because language is uniquely human — it defines us and our intelligence. Through developing AI that understands language, our research marches one step closer to unlocking the mysteries of our language faculty.


Academic Staff

Research Staff

Honorary Staff

NLP Graduate Researchers

Given name Family nameProfile Thesis Title
Uri Berger Profile Interactive multimodal language acquisition
Shraey Bhatia ProfileText to Image Synthesis using Generative Adversarial Networks
Daniel Cabrera LozoyaProfileAugmenting clinical mental health practice with machine learning models and digital phenotyping insights
Jiyu Chen Profile Automatic biological data curation based on language understanding and network analysis
Sayantan Dasgupta ProfileEnergy-Aware Machine Learning
Biaoyan Fang Profile Anaphora resolution in biochemical text
Yilin Geng Profile Cross-lingual Representations in Interpretable Language Models
Xudong Han Profile Gender bias detection and debiasing in models of human language
Sukai Huang Profile Texted based reinforcement learning agent
Fan Jiang Profile Retriever-augmented Approaches for Natural Language Processing
Anirudh Joshi Profile TBC
Fajri Koto Profile Neural Language Model for Abstractive Text Summarisation
Kemal Kurniawan Profile Transfer Learning for Structured Prediction
Haonan Li Profile Geospatial Information with Natural Language Processing
Miao Li Profile Neural Multi-document Modeling and Abstractive Summarization
Zheng Wei Lim Profile Cross-lingual Psycholinguistics with NLP methods
Chunhua Liu Profile Word Association Understanding
Yulia Otmakhova Profile Multi-document summarization supporting clinical evidence review
YiyuanPuProfileLiterature-based discovery for Alzheimer's disease
Viktoria Schram Profile Calibration of Performance Prediction in Low-Resource Settings
Hung Thinh Truong Profile Evidence extraction from the clinical trials literature
Gisela Vallejo Profile A Fair Plan Towards Mitigating Bias and Misinformation
Takashi Wada Profile Multilinguality and acceptability in language
Dalin Wang Profile Image captioning with conditional-GAN
Jun Wang Profile Adversarial machine learning for machine translation
Yuxia Wang Profile Clinical text mining and analysis
Zhuohan Xie Profile Hierarchically structured neural narrative generation
Rui Xing ProfileTowards Explainable Fact Checking
Aotao (John) Xu Profile A computational analysis of conceptual combination through time
Jinrui Yang Profile Fairness and Bias in Natural Language Processing
Rongxin Zhu Profile Automatic summarization for multi-party conversation

Affiliated Graduate Researchers

  • Rena Gao (Linguistics)
  • Sheilla Njoto (CAIDE)
  • Katie Warburton (Science/Psychology)
  • Martin Saint-Jalmes  (Florey Institute)
  • Hui Chia (Law)
  • Rahmad Mahendra (RMIT)

Research & Publications

From medical technologies to machine translation to misinformation analysis, our group tackles a diverse range of natural language processing problems in different domains and applications, and is ranked one of the top groups internationally in the field.

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