How to participate

Once the applications are opened, you will be asked to submit all the required information on EasyChair. As you move on with your application, you will receive further information.

  1. Choose your preferred submission track

    Choose between the three available tracks:

    • Research paper: You will submit a short paper (1-2 pages) in the lead-up to the event and present your research on stage (7-10min) followed up by a Q&A on the day. More information about this track.
    • Three Minute Research presentation: You will have to present your research in three (3) minutes to a non-specialist audience, followed up by a Q&A on the day. More information about this track.
    • Research poster (& Demo):  You will present and discuss your academic work during a poster session on the day. Demonstrations are also encouraged when possible, please contact us for any material enquiries. More information about this track.
  2. Submit your abstract

    • If you chose the Research paper track or the Poster (& Demo) track; submit a 400 words (or less) abstract.
    • For all other tracks; submit a 200 words (or less) abstract.

    All abstract submissions should contain a title, keywords and the list of your supervisors. Check the deadlines below on this page or from our communication emails.

  3. Submit your documents

    Once we receive your abstract, submit the additional information (depending on your track):

    • Research paper: submit a 1-2 page long paper summary and your slides. You can find templates on this page or on our EasyChair conference page.
    • Three Minute Research presentation: submit your slides. If you'd like some feedback and rehearse, you can present to us before the event!
    • Research poster (& Demo): submit an A1 poster. Email us with additional requests if you plan to showcase a demo on the day.

Submission guidelines

Find resources such as templates for the different tracks and examples from previous colloquiums on our dedicated resource page.


Applicants must:

  • Be a current graduate researcher at the University of Melbourne.
  • Belong to the School of Computing and Information Systems.
  • Provide required documents on time.

Domestic and international; part-time and full-time students are eligible. There is no capacity limits and no selection criteria. We welcome research at all levels of progress and completion.


There will be both top and honorary prizes awarded to selected presentations, posters and papers.

Note: If you won a prize in a previous colloquium, you will only be eligible to win again this year if you present a new piece of research.

Important dates

*Please note these are the revised proposed dates for the 2022 colloquium, they may be subject to change if necessary.

Monday 11 July 2022

First call for papers

Monday 1 August 2022

Second call for papers

Thursday 1 September 2022

Abstract deadline

Monday 5 September 2022

Notification of  Acceptance

Monday 26 September 2022

Paper, Poster and slides submission deadline

Saturday 1 October 2022

Registration deadline

Thursday 13 October 2022

Doctoral Colloquium