Social and Domestic Drones

Social and Domestic Drones

Project Overview

One direction in recent HRI research is increasing activity in investigating flying robots (drones), thus creating a whole sub-field on Human-Drone Interaction (HDI). In a recent HDI survey by Tezza and Andujar (2019), research is currently focusing on (1) exploring ways of HDI communications, (2) identifying suitable interaction modalities with drones, (3) investigating human-drone social behaviours (e.g., proxemics), and (4) introducing novel application areas and use-cases. Generally, the two first items are directed towards investigating novel modalities of interaction between humans and drones and the last items investigate novel application domains for these interactions.

In this project, we are particularly interested in drones that are situated in domestic environments. We investigate novel use cases and design the appropriate behaviour for the drone to perform its task with humans around.


This research is conducted in collaboration with Chalmers University, Sweden.



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