Changing views

The role of information experiences in changing viewpoints

A neon sign reading Change

Project overview

This project is an ongoing look at how people experience information and technology when changing their viewpoint on issues of importance to them. In a world of filter bubbles, information democratisation, social media, misinformation and complex information landscapes, this understanding is key to building fairer, more equitable and more usable information systems.


This project has been funded as part of the DMINR project, A Google News Initiative project at City, University London. It has also received a special study grant from the University of Melbourne.

Project team

Dana McKay, The University of Melbourne

Dr Stephann Makri, City, University London

Dr Andy Macfarlane, City, University London

Dr Marisela Guiterrez-Lopez, City, University London

Dr Sondess Missaoui, City, University London

Dr Colin Porlezza, City, University London

Dr Glenda Cooper, City, University London