Submission Guidelines

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Submission Requirements

Every submission requires an abstract submission and another submission relevant to your chosen track (see details below). The chosen platform for submissions and the peer reviewing process is EasyChair. To submit, you will need to first create an account on EasyChair using your UniMelb student account. The EasyChair submission conference link is:


The paper track is a track for students to submit a short research paper and give a 7 to 10-minute presentation about their paper.

Submit a 100 to 200-word abstract and a short paper (1-2 pages, pdf).

3 Minute Research

The three-minute research is a presentation track where students consolidate their ideas and research discoveries so they can present a clear, concise, yet engaging presentation of their research project in three (3) minutes to a non-specialist audience.

Submit a 100 to 200-word abstract and your slides (including a pdf export).


The poster track involves the submission of a poster outlining your academic work along with a showcase during the CIS-DC where you will present your work. It is a great opportunity to present a pertinent aspect of your research, such as a methodology or framework where visuals are needed and could be used to their full advantage. This track is particularly useful for students who would like more face-to-face interaction with the audience. This could be useful for networking, e.g., with industry guests in attendance.

Submit a 100 to 200-word abstract and your poster (A1, pdf).

Poster + Demonstration

If you would like to present material in addition to your poster, the poster + demonstration stream provides an opportunity to showcase your research in both a poster and interactive format. Presenters can engage attendees in technologies relevant to their research and better convey the user perspective. This track is especially helpful for obtaining feedback about the design, implementation, and interactivity of a proposed system or technology.

Submit a 100 to 200-word abstract, your poster (A1, pdf) and a list of required items for your demonstration.


EasyChair tips

  1. If you don't already have one, create an EasyChair account using your University of Melbourne student email
  2. Go to the EasyChair CIS-DC conference web page:
  3. Choose your preferred track
  4. Under "Author" click "Add yourself" for the first author
  5. Complete the form and submit


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Proceedings from the 2017 CIS-DC Colloquium can be found here.

Developing an academic writing style:

Creating effective presentations:

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