Innovations in the digital society

We live in a digital society where data, information and knowledge drive innovations in both economic and cultural activities. We examine a wide range of challenges faced in the early 21st Century from looking at how people find, evaluate and use information, especially in the context of emerging technologies, service innovation and information technology adoption. Understandably, this work is done in a range of contexts including businesses and organisations, education and educational institutions, cultural institutions, health institutions, developing societies, and the society at large.

Within this theme, our research focuses on the following research pillars:

Information behaviours

Examining how people find, evaluate and use information in a range of contexts. We are interested in the entire information process, including how people perceive their own information needs, browsing, source selection and evaluation, and information triage.

Sample projects

  • Not All Who Wander Are Lost: The Value and Behaviours of Browsing in Academic and Research Libraries (Dana McKay, Shanton Chang, Wally Smith)
  • Information Seeking Behaviours and Needs of International Students and Recent Migrants (Shanton Chang)
  • The Lowest form of Flattery: Investigating the Prevalence, Patterns and Preventions of Scholarly Plagiarism (George Buchanan, Dana McKay)

Emerging technology adoption

Exploring the implementation, adoption and evaluation of a range of technology innovations within organisations and society. This area of research continues to be important because of the continual roll out of emerging technologies. Another important stream of research here is in the ethics of these emerging technologies. We work on a range of issues from technology within businesses to gaming technology in society.

Sample projects

  • Factors Enabling and Limiting the Growth of Australian SMEs through Digital Transformation (Christoph Bredbach)
  • Competition in the Chinese Sharing Economy (Christoph Bredbach)
  • Emerging Technologies Used for Enrichment in Aged Care (Jenny Waycott)
  • Appropriation of E-Learning Platforms: Culture, Pedagogy and Emotions (Mona Al-Shardan, Antonette Mendoza, Shanton Chang)
  • Understanding Strategic IT Decision-Making Process and its Influential Factors (Sherah Kurnia)
  • Understanding how Cloud Computing Enables Business Model Innovation in Start-Up Companies (Wally Smith, Sherah Kurnia)

Service innovation

Moving beyond technology adoption to look at digital transformation of organisations and society, engagement platforms and the sharing economy. We are particularly interested in service innovation and design.

Sample projects

  • Consumer Anonymity in the Online Environment (Suelette Dreyfus, Shanton Chang)
  • Service Innovation and Design with Machine Learning (Christoph Bredbach)
  • Advancing Innovation in Financial Services (Christoph Bredbach)
  • Exploring Digital Transformation within Healthcare Ecosystems in a Developing Nation (Sherah Kurnia, Christoph Bredbach)
  • The Impact of Psychological Contract on Relationship Quality in IT Service Outsourcing (Sherah Kurnia, Sara Cullen)
  • Factors Affecting Enterprise Architecture Service Provision Effectiveness (Sherah Kurnia)
  • Deployment of Technology for Sustained Engagement and Societal Change Among the Disadvantaged (Antonette Mendoza, Mohammad)



Honorary staff


Graduate researchers

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