PhD Alumni

NameYearDegreeThesis Title
Fraser Allison2020PhDVoice interaction game design and gameplay
Joshua Newn2020PhDGaze-Based Intention Recognition for Human-Agent Collaboration: Towards Nonverbal Communication in Human-AI Interaction
Romina Carrasco2020PhDOlder Adults Designing Avatars for Self-expression
Alexander Kan2019PhDSupporting the User Experience of Running with Mixed Reality Stories
Chu Luo2019PhDValidating Context-Driven Features of Mobile Applications Using Laboratory Testing
Niels van Berkel2019PhDData Quality and Quantity in Mobile Experience Sampling
Sarah Webber2019PhDDigital Technologies and Encounters with Zoo Animals
Dana McKay2019PhDDown the Superhighway in a Single Tome: Understanding Information Browsing and How to Support it Online
Melissa Rogerson2019PhDBetween Cardboard and Computer: The hobbyist experience of modern boardgames
Deepti Aggarwal2018PhDSupporting Bodily Communication in Video Consultations of Physiotherapy
Konstantinos Kazakos2018PhDUnderstanding the role of technology in supporting parent child reunion
Hasan Shahid Ferdous 2018PhDTechnology at Family Mealtimes
Kagonya Awori2017PhDDesigning video-mediated technologies to cultivate indigenous knowledge over distance
Patrick Pang 2016 PhD Understanding Exploratory Search in Seeking Health Information
Mitchell Harrop 2015 PhD Unwritten multiplayer-online-game rules informing game creation
Joji Mori 2015 PhD Designing digital memorials: commemorating the Black Saturday Bushfires
Marcus Carter 2015 PhD Treacherous Play in EVE Online
John Downs 2015 PhD Audience experience in domestic videogaming
Ivo Widjaja 2014 PhD Digital content and its discontents: interpretive flexibility during the use and implementation of enterprise content management systems
Ardis Cheng 2013 PhD The Role of Visualisation for Understanding Complex Systems
Greg Wadley 2012 PhD Voice in virtual worlds
Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller 2011 PhD Designing Sports: Exertion Games
Bernd Ploderer 2011 PhD Understanding Participation in Passion-Centric Social Network Sites
Connor Graham 2009 PhD The Case for Mobile Trajectory: A Practical ‘Theory’ for Mobile Work
Tuck Wah Leong 2009 PhD Understanding Serendipitous Experiences when Interacting with Personal Digital Content
Sofia Pardo 2009 PhD Child-Base Evaluation of Educational Effectiveness: Broadening the Child/Designer Dyad
Sonja Pedell 2008 PhD A Scenario-Based Technique for Representing Dynamic Use Context in Mobile System Design
Stephen Smith 2007 PhD Online Vicarious-Experience: Using Technology to Help Consumers Evaluate Physical Products over the Internet
Jeni Paay 2006 PhD Understanding Hybrid Digital/Built Environments
Jon Pearce 2005 PhD An Investigation of Interactivity and Flow: Student Behaviour during Online Instruction
Frank Vetere 2002 PhD Redundant Multimedia at the Human-Computer Interface

Masters Alumni

NameYearDegreeThesis Title
Tristan Bevan 2016 MIS HandLog: Investigating Deformation through Finger Flexion as a Continuous Input
Martin Reinoso 2015 MSc (CS) Improving the interactions between teachers and students for enhancing e-learning of full body motor skills
Joshua Newn 2015 MISMultimodal Input on a Large Interactive Tabletop: Extending Gaze Interaction on Horizontal Surfaces
Pedro Rosas 2014 MPhil Strategies to manage the influences from persuasive technologies: the case of self-monitoring and social comparison
Anna Lee Anda 2011 MSc Persuasive Technologies and a Youth Mental-Health Intervention Application
Kate Goodwin 2010 MSc Copresence and Informal Interactions: Investigating Connections in Physical and Technological Settings