Growing old and staying connected

Touch screen technology for ameliorating older people’s experience of social isolation.

Project overview

An elderly man uisng a tablet computer

Social isolation is experienced when people have limited contact with others. It affects many older people and is associated with a range of physical and mental health problems. It is, therefore, a significant health concern, particularly for an ageing population.

This project investigates the use of novel technologies to prevent and to ameliorate social isolation experienced by older adults.

Building on a pilot project funded by the Institute for a Broadband-Enabled Society (IBES), this project uses a uniquely designed photo and message sharing iPad application in a longitudinal field study with a group of older people who are, or are at risk of being, socially isolated.

The project is funded by the ARC linkage scheme in partnership with Benetas and IBES.

Research team

This is a multidisciplinary project, involving researchers working in the fields of human-computer interaction, computer science, social work, and aged care policies and practice.The project team comprises:

  • Frank Vetere, Lars Kulik, and Jenny Waycott from the Department of Computing and Information Systems, The University of Melbourne.
  • Elizabeth Ozanne from the Department of Social Work, The University of Melbourne.
  • Sonja Pedell from the Faculty of Design, Swinburne University of Technology.
  • Alan Gruner, research and development manager at Benetas.
  • Brendan Lillywhite, aged care consultant and director of Alliance Perpetual.

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