Graduate researchers

Human-Computer Interaction Graduate Researchers

Given Family nameProfile Thesis Title
Madeleine Antonellos Profile Developing digital careers: a case study on cosplay in Australia
ZhongyiBaiProfileUsing Mixed Reality (VR/AR) to Support Collaborative Work for Design Thinking
EmmaBaillieProfileInvestigating Social Media Structures, Incentives and Interactions using AI Agents
Nattapat Boonprakong ProfileUnderstanding, Detecting, and Mitigating Cognitive Biases that Aid the Spread of Misinformation
ThomasByersProfileLength of Play: Design, Impact and Repercussions of Ongoing Player Engagement with Video Games
Daniel Cabrera Lozoya Profile Augmenting clinical mental health practice with machine learning models and digital phenotyping insights
Wendy Cavenett Profile Narrative gerontology and (re)discovering the person within: The impact of storytelling and story listening in virtual worlds on older adults living in residential aged care
AdamDaviesProfileHealth Identifiers: Integrating Australia's health systems
JosephineDeloreProfileDeveloping human-centred parameters for mathematical optimisation to create an intuitive experience
RubyEdwardsProfileExperimental play in Dungeons & Dragons: How digital platforms, emerging technologies and AI are changing the way we play D&D, and what this means for the sociocultural future of roleplay and play
LeFangProfileSocial Media Use for Emotional Regulation on Smartphones
Sophie Freeman Profile Machine learning and music discovery: something lost, something gained
Elsy Garcia Reyes Profile Understanding the acceptance and use of home-based care technologies by older adults
JarodGoversProfileConversational AI simulation for content-moderation and misinformation detection
Bing-yi HanProfile Ethical challenges in AI Education
GeoffreyHillProfilePrivate MMO servers as video game preservation
UlanKelesbekovProfileDesigning Multi-Purpose Haptic Controller for Virtual Reality
Sara Khorasani Profile Harnessing immersive simulation data in real-time to analyze user performance in virtual environments and guide training development
Rui Liu Profile Digital resource aggregation: using linked data to aggregate academic resources in the digital humanities discipline
XantheLowe-BrownProfileCan your phone improve your wellbeing? Ethical, human-centred design and evaluation of a music recommender system that incorporates user mood and personality
Henrietta Lyons Profile Developing human-centred explanations for decisions made by artificial intelligence
Ying Ma Profile Analysis and modelling of  complex behaviours in social media
Gabriele Marini Profile Reliable Operating Room (ROR)
Brian McKitrick Profile How do Let’s Play communities define themselves?
Toni McLennan Profile Living Life Online: Online Technologies and Personal Identity
SaumyaPareekProfileTackling Misinformation in Online Environments and Designing Effective Interventions
PiumiPereraProfileMixed Realities in Encounters with Nature
Sarah VictoriaSchoembsProfileMaking sense of robot data: Data Visualization in Human- Robot Interaction
EleanorSealeProfileThesis title: Education, Entertainment, and Engagement in Museums in the Digital Age
MatthewSidjiProfileExploring the Role of Mental Models in Human-AI Relations
SongyanTengProfileEnabling Proactive Communication Between Smartphones and Humans
SamangiWadinambi ArachchiProfileKindling creative insight through multi-sensory creativity support
KyleWarwickProfileVisualising Non-Present Players in Material Boardgames
YushanXingProfileDesigning for Social Connectedness in Later Life
Stella YuanProfile Ethical implications of data driven social credit system
HuiwenZhangProfileImproving Browsing For Online Collections
Mo Zhang Profile Usable security of medical devices
ShiquanZhangProfileAI-Supported Collaborative Decision Making in Smart Environments
Wei Zhao Profile Designing for social engagement in aged care
Qiushi Zhou Profile Expanding Human Cognitive Capacity with Embodied Multimodal Interaction in Augmented Reality