Host a student intern

Host a student within your organisation, to assist with a specific project or to preview potential future graduate employees.

We welcome proposals for intern placements from any size business, from start-ups to multinationals.

We offer the following student placement options, each with a varying time commitment required by the host company. Any IP generated by a student during a placement resides with the host company.

  • Internship: 350 hours

    Our 10–15 week internship program (350 hours/3–4 days a week) allows companies to employ high-achieving Masters students on short-term contracts to assist with specific projects or assist with general workload. The student will work at your premises as if they were regular employee and you, or your staff, will supervise their daily workload. It is an opportunity for students to apply their technical knowledge to a workplace environment and to practise skills such as teamwork and project management.

    Host companies are required to agree to terms and conditions for each student placement by signing the University’s standard Professional Placement Letter Agreement [54kb PDF].

    A complete guide for industry partners is available on Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology website:

    Internships: industry guide

    Our guide for students:

    Internships: student guide

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  • Mentoring: 10–15 hours

    If an internship requires a time commitment your company cannot support, you may wish to consider mentoring students.

    Our mentorship program involves businesses hosting 6–7 short meetings with students over the course of a single semester. The meetings are held with a group of 4–6 students on a fortnightly basis. Entry into the program is competitive and companies are involved in the selection process of the students they mentor.

    We invite expressions of interest from any size business, from start-ups to multinationals. The time commitment required from hosts is 10–15 hours over 12 weeks.

    If you are interested in offering mentoring opportunities with your company, email: