Undergraduate programs

Our undergraduate subject sequences are accessible both to students who have not programmed before, and to students who already have an understanding of computational thinking and programming.

Don’t be discouraged if you are someone who thinks of a computer as just being a useful machine that is connected to internet services — our introductory subjects build on your VCE maths and communications skills to teach you the fundamentals of programming and computational thinking, and don’t require that you already be proficient in any way. And if you are planning to study a different major, having some knowledge of computational thinking will enhance your skills in that other discipline.

We also offer introductory subjects in Information Systems that examine the business and social aspects of computing, and do not involve the study of programming.

On the other hand, if you are already skilled as a programmer in one or more languages, we run a Programming proficiency test prior to the start of each semester. Students who complete the test at the required standard will be able to accelerate their studies, and complete more of our advanced electives in their third year of study.

If you have completed VCE Algorithmics, you automatically qualify for an accelerated pathway, entering second year computer science studies in the first year of a Bachelor of Science. Additional acceleration options are available if you complete the C proficiency test.


Undergraduate majors are provided via the Bachelor of Design or Bachelor of Science degrees.

Diploma in Computing

The Diploma in Computing allows students to complement a major in a different discipline, or different degree, with a qualification in the IT area. The diploma is studied concurrently with your undergraduate degree. A total of eight subjects of study in IT areas is required, of which up to four subjects can be cross-credited to the primary degree.

More details can be found on the University’s Study website:

Diploma in Computing

Programming proficiency tests

More information about the Programming proficiency test

For information about the C proficiency test contact us three weeks prior to the start of each semester.